Microsoft Word 2016 1.0

Widely-used word processor that works on most devices and operating systems

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Create polished documents with Microsoft Word 2016, a widely used word processing program that's filled with new features. The venerable software package allows burgeoning authors to write sophisticated pages of properly formatted text, but the everyday user is also catered to, thanks to a vast array of writer's tools. Among them, an advanced spell checker tops the list of mainstays, but the smart lookup feature ensures this is a full-fledged annual upgrade, not an incremental improvement. For more information on Smart Lookup and other newly integrated word forging tools, read on.

Popular document formats are both readable and editable within the streamlined Microsoft Word 2016 interface. PDFs are The latest file type to subscribe to this all-encompassing word processing power. The celebrated printer's format favorite has been readable for some time within the Office 2016 writer's ecosystem, but now it submits to the editing credentials of Word 2016. Next, the Smart Lookup facility is currently transforming contextual commands. A single right click on a word or term activates a basic spell checker in most comparable applications, but this refined writers' partner goes much further. Spell checking is still part of the contextual trigger, but so is a grammatical examination tool and a smart set of popup options.

Intuitive formatting options and advanced page layout tools are deeply embedded within the Microsoft Word 2016 word processing engine. They're immediately available from the familiar ribbon-fashioned task bar, a menu zone that condenses complex tools into an easy-to-locate series of linearly arranged commands. The attractive bar can be customized or minimized, but its context-rich features should be explored, because they're surprisingly easy to master. The layout uses tabs, first of all, a configuration that includes the Review and References panels, as well as the Create Document and Print Document commands. Above the tabs, the Quick Access Toolbar allows an extra layer of control. Meanwhile, the aforementioned ribbon sits intuitively below the tabs. It's here that the finely detailed commands live. Editing and formatting buttons form an organized row across the middle of this horizontal bar.

Menu refinements and contextual extras create a uniquely advanced writer's armory. The blank page then awaits the author, with its flashing insertion point standing ready for the first passage of text, the initial paragraph, as it were. Attractive styles and graphics accompany the text entries, with hyperlinks and tables drawing the application within touching distance of a web developer's realm. From here, the tools adopt a grander scope. Referencing capabilities add gravity to a newly researched article by simplifying the citations phase of the project. Researched citations blend with professionally generated footnotes to add credibility to an expertly written paper, so reporters and collegial types can hand their finished work into their editors with supreme confidence.

Citation insertion targets a highly demanding section of the writer's market. Microsoft Word 2016 inserts such items with meticulous poise, and the software applies that same dexterity when it comes to Bibliographies, footnotes and scores of professional-grade page elements. These features are likely surplus to demand when put in the hands of casual users, but they become invaluable assets when placed in a true writing professional's working domain. Of course, the expert proofreader is an equal partner within that lofty profession, which is why proofreading extras are part of the Word 2016 mix. The Review menu takes care of this check-up function. Like a teacher's red pen, the Track Changes command resides in this menu section as a mistakes tracker and a notation aid. Enter virtual margin comments in different colors by employing this proofing tool.

The editing and creating modules combine with proofreading commands and right-click contextual modes to create a fully rounded word processing package. Microsoft Word 2016 is a worthy member of the Microsoft Office 2016 suite, perhaps even the flagship of the family, which leads us to consider program collaboration. In short, the modern office is no longer a bricks and mortars affair, not when virtual assets can be shared by members of a collaborative team on a network. This leading word forging package isn't stingy with its resources, not in the least. Indeed, a newly incorporated share button, a cloud sharing feature and enhanced OneDrive support has positioned Word 2016 as a proficient document sharing application.


  • New context-rich features
  • Adopts a collaborative tool set
  • Incorporates a handy read mode
  • New PDF editing mode


  • A steep learning curb for the advanced tools
  • Perhaps not a compelling upgrade for previous owners

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